Rond de Public Market

feb 26, 2012 in Photography

wpid-Tracks2-2012-02-26-11-02.jpgIn de acht jaar dat ik hier woon ben ik nog niet naar de Public Market geweest. De fototrip van gister telt niet. Ik was daar rond het midden van de middag wat was te laat was voor de markt hoewel een paar stalletjes nog open waren.In plaats daarvan was de focus van de trip de gebouwen en de treinrails in die omgeving. Samen met de harde wind, de dwarrelende sneeuw hoopte ik enige foto’s met karakter te kunnen nemen. Of ik daar in slaagde kan je zelf zien in de galerie.

Deze foto’s zijn met Snapseed op m’n iPad ge-edit. Ik begin verliefd te raken op die applicatie! Nik Software heeft nu ook een Mac OS versie uitgebracht.

Om de discussie van de vorige post op te pakken, ik heb een nieuw thuis gevonden om de foto’s tentoon te stellen. Zoals ik toen schreef gaat Apple de MobileME Gallery beëindigen en dus was ik naar een nieuwe plek op zoek. Ik plaats foto’s ook op Flickr hetgeen leuk is voor commentaar enzo maar ik vind de presentatie opties niet mooi en die web pagina’s zijn erg druk. Na enig zoeken kwam ik bij Dat heeft het zulke presentatie mogelijkheden als MobileME, het integreert met Aperture, het ziet er ook mooi uit op een iPad. En dus is het nieuwe fotografische thuis. Laat me weten wat je er van vindt!

Gisterochtend en vrijdagavond waren ook productief voor een andere hobby: de website voor Day Rides, nu hernoemd als Impromptu Rides: In twee of drie dagen gaan we live met de nieuwe versie waar ik de laatste paar weken mee bezig ben geweest. En ik heb ook goede progressie gemaakt met de Club Rides app voor het ’12 fietsseizoen. Als alles goed gaat wordt die nog vandaag of anders morgen naar Apple gestuurd.

Charlotte bij Nacht

feb 13, 2012 in Photography

wpid-roofs-icon-2012-02-13-15-32.jpgGisteravond was zo ongeveer de eerste kans deze winter om sneeuwfoto’s te maken. En, daar het avond was, een gelegenheid om ook weer nachtfoto’s te maken. Ik zou Cindy later die avond in Charlotte ontmoeten om over de nieuwe functies van de Day Rides, nu hernoemd tot Impromptu Rides, web site te praten. Ik ging wat eerder van huis weg met statief en camera in touw.

Ik ben een paar keer eerder op foto-excursie in Charlotte geweest. Het heeft een bepaalde aantrekkingskracht. Nu eerst bij de vuurtoren en het (verlaten?) treinstation rondgewandeld en daarna naar de pier. Daar zag ik dat de sneeuw en de donkere wolken nog een paar fotografen inspiratie bezochten. Er is iets lolligs met sneeuw, het vallende licht en de straatverlichting die net aan is.

 De fotos kun je op Flickrr terugvinden. Als onderdeel van hun move naar iCloud sluit Apple de MobileME fotogallerij af die ik totnutoe gebruikte. Hetgeen me eraan herinnert dat ik tot juni heb om kapotte links in oude blogposts te repareren…

ROCTwestival, or photographing Rochester’s famous

mrt 26, 2010 in Photography

ROCTwestival.jpgLast night was ROC Twestival, part of a worldwide series of charity events to promote the cause of education. These are entirely volunteer organized and hosted events. Our local hero you see pictured here, Matthew Raw, who again pulled of a great event and doing it while appearing as relaxed and laid back as ever!

This time it was at Lovin’ Cup which is behind Barnes&Nobles store at RIT. Now I had been to that bookstore many times, always walked in through the front door and left through the front door. This time I walked around store en route to Lovin’ Cup. Turns out there’s a whole village of cafes, restaurants and shops behind it! Made me think of Once Upon A Time In The West, the scene with Claudia Cardinale arriving at the train station. As she walks through the station house the camera pans over the building revealing the town behind it.

In the afternoon I realized that I hadn’t fed the beast that is Flickr in quite a while and decided to bring my camera which led to some frantic battery charging….

Some pretty good local bands played. I saw Moho Collective, Sinzibukwud Band, Eight Bar Measure, Teagan and the Tweeds, and missed some others.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the event; it was a bit like photographing Rochester’s famous people. See if you can spot all of them!

Mosey on over to the gallery!

Sunday Afternoon Walk in Rochester

jul 27, 2009 in Photography

fadedsigns.jpgI had originally planned for a bike ride today but decided for a different form of exercise: take the camera for a random walk through Rochester. Starting out I didn’t have a particular theme in mind however one came up while walking: faded wall signs. To me this is a very American city thing: painted advertisements and billboards on the side of buildings.

Didn’t have a specific route other than walk in a loop through downtown. I started down East Ave and almost immediately had second thoughts about not bringing a rain coat or umbrella: ahead the clouds looked ominous and soon the first drops came down. It didn’t seem to push through though, nothing like Saturday’s downpour, the big trees along the avenue giving good shelter. Coming up to Alexander Street the rain was a bit more serious – what better excuse than to slip into Murphy’s Law for a little break? Must say hi to Mark, after all!

It cleared up, I crossed Main Street and came to the St Paul area. Several buildings here with these beautiful, old, fading signs. Of course this is not the most thriving area of town which is why there are these older buildings with the fading paint. Although, a number of these old warehouses are being converted to apartments and lofts so some revival of the area is upcoming. I was quite pleased to notice that the renovators have left many of the signs intact as you can see in the pictures.

While off-topic for the theme – or at least I suspect they would object to the fading aspect – a group of women on the terrasse of a wine bar on St Paul’s asked me to take their picture, apparently celebrating a college reunion. One asked if I was Canadian. That was a first: Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian, yes but not Canadian yet, eh? I fulfilled the request and carried on via Andrews Street eventually crossing over the Corn Hill area.

Passing Main Street again I saw another scene that’s quite American to me: a diner, news boxes, pay phones and the “Main St” sign all together! Along the river, crossing at Ford Street, right on Monroe taking a picture of the theater. An oddity and sadness at the same time. Such a characteristic building it housed a sex shop until recently, since then bought by Ride Aid and it’s unclear what they’ll do with it. In a perfect world it would restored and put back into function for the community ala the Little Theater.

Back on Park Avenue finally took a photo I have wanted to shoot for a long time: of one of the buildings with the nuclear shelter sign. Such a fantastic leftover of the 50-ies and the cold war. Always reminds me of my basic military training in The Netherlands regarding nuclear attacks: if you saw a very bright white flash you were supposed to (quickly) lie face down covering any exposed skin like your hands under your body. Of course the moment you see that flash any burning of exposed skin happens at that same moment so the lying down… not making much difference… always had great temptation then to engage in a happy debate with the sergeant on the merits of these instructions (I may have fallen for that temptation once or twice).

As ever: accompanying photos in the gallery.

East End Festival

jun 06, 2009 in Photography

eastendfestival.jpgFriday evening was the East End music festival here in Rochester. Five or six stages on East Ave and surrounding streets. Luckily the weather cooperated. The nice thing about the festival is that it focuses on local bands. Good stage opportunity for these musicians and good opportunity for the audience to be exposed to all kinds of musical experiences in one evening.

Such as a middle aged male white band playing Grateful Dead songs and Bob Marley, a band playing Foo Fighters and similar music with a lot of conviction, country music, a punk band, and my favorite: an 80-ies glam band complete with the big hair. All this and more for you to admire in the gallery.

I didn’t stay the whole night but for the coupe of hours I was there: not a single female on stage, all dudes. Another thing I noticed was the number of police and security that were around. Still, had a lot of fun and most of the bands I quite liked.

December Storm

dec 28, 2008 in Photography

storm.jpg“Ik waaide bijkans uit m’n hempie”

After the cold, very snowy winter weather it was suddenly a comparatively warm but stormy day this third Christmas Day. I got up at 6:30 to watch on-line the second day of the Dutch speed skating championships. Then grabbed the camera and drove to Hamlin Beach and Charlotte Beach on the coast of Lake Ontario. The wind gusts made me think of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. The wind came from the south and so some of the gusts almost blew me into the lake while balancing to take some of the pictures. The interaction between the clouds and the sun tempted me to play with the photo settings when editing the pictures on the computer; I hope I didn’t overdo it but stormy, gloomy weather just seems to scream for black&white or sepia.

On the pier at Charlotte Beach the little group of people you see in one of the photos were preparing for some streaking. Very, ehh, brave (?) with the still rather cold temperatures and the waves crashing over the pier while the two boys were running up and down it in the costumes Mother Nature awarded them. I got very wet feet next to the pier. Wanting to get close to the waterline for some shots I hiked forward only to discover that just a thin layer of sand had blown over the melting snow and ice leading to the waterline and so I sank down to my knees through the slush. Cold, yes. According to the temperature reader at home it was 40 degrees, much warmer than previous days and so I had zipped out the fleece from my winter coat…. Back in the car I was very happy with the heated seats (a feature that shows that God exists, I tell ya).

The pictures are here.

When I was 81

nov 05, 2008 in Cycling

Did my second TNUA ride last night. The weather was fantastic, I mean 60 degrees in November!? And the turn-out was in sync with that: 81 riders. How do I know there were 81? Well, I was number 81. These rides use a rollcall mechanism: everybody gets a number and once in a while the ride leader stops and we could down the numbers to check everybody is still there. It was a mad dash getting there in time. The ride takes off at 6:15pm from Adams Center. I left in time – that is until I got on my bike, switched on the front light and discovered the battery was dead. So first stumbled into Ride-Aid with bicycle and all (no locks), got new AAA batteries, out them in and then started on a time trial to cover the three miles or so to the starting point. I arrived there just after the group left and saw them crossing the road ahead of me. I joined at the back and then at the first roll call waited for the last number (“80”) and then shouted out “81!”

I first heard about these rides, every Tuesday evening from October 1 thru April 1, via BruceW’s blog last year. Then I couldn’t ride due to meetings until 6pm on Tuesdays. This season I came to the realization that hey, I’m the Director, I can move those meetings. So, some rescheduling and now I can make it to Adams Center in time (batteries not withstanding).
These rides are a lot of fun – even my first two weeks ago in pouring rain and 36 degrees weather. The ride leader, Scott Page of Full Moon Vista bike store, basically decides where we go and what we do. It’s a zigzag ride through Rochester, the parks, along the Genesee river or the Erie canal. The rides are not about speed or distance but about technique, agility and just having fun. Yesterday we also zigzagged through Mount Hope Cemetery (which cities allow/encourage cemeteries for recreational use, or have ones big and interesting enough to incorporate into a bike ride?). Entering the cemetery was easy but getting out a little trickier. The exit onto Mt Hope road was closed and so 81 riders ended up circling the inside perimeter eventually finding a small pedestrian gate on Elmwood Road to get out.

Before the ride I put new brake pads on the mountain bike. Quite necessary, during the previous TNUA ride they wore out completely leaving me with almost no braking facility for the last couple of miles – an entertaining experience in wet weather, in the dark. I also put the new wheelset with smooth tires instead of the big nobbly ones. While there’s a little offroading, much of the rides are on hard surface and until there’s snow it is nice to have a bit faster tires on the bike and I am very pleased how they corner. And as I am lazy, I rather quickly switch wheels than swap the tires on the wheels. The front suspension is still locked up from my ride a few weeks ago so still need to have Park Ave bike store have a look.

I got back a little before 9pm, showered and then watched the election on CNN-HD (I am quite impressed how CNN is using the wide screen on their hd channel to stream all kinds of simultaneous data and information at you). It was extremely exciting to see Barack Obama run away with the election. The passion, the hope, the excitement he has enticed during the long, long campaign is thrilling. While I am just too young to have experienced John F Kennedy (born when he was elected) it seems to me that there’s a lot of similarity. There are unpopular wars going on, there are cultural and scoial challenges and there is a new generation coming to the front. To see the immense crowd of 225000 people in Chicago awaiting his appearance, his speech, the scenes with his family on the stage – this was indeed for me a moment I am most happy to have experienced and indeed a moment that has the absolute “I remember where I was when…”; just like Nelson Mandela’s speech in Amsterdam, the falling of the Berlin Wall, when I decided I would propose to Rachel, and when van Basten scored the winning goal in the semi-final in 1988 (yeah, that one too, best Wednesday night ever!). Obama’s speech and the view of him standing there with his wife and two daughters made me wonder, hope that the days of Camelot are coming back to the While House.

Growing RJUG

okt 28, 2008 in Technology

Met with Tom and Rob yesterday evening at Timothy Patrick’s – an Irish pub, appropriate no? – to brainstorm on how to grow the Rochester Java User Group. How to get on average a larger turnout at the meetings, how to attract more members.

Over the last year or so we did manage to attract quite good speakers – James Gosling, Ted Leung, Neal Gafter, Brain Leonard and others. But the size of the audience could have been better for these speakers and topics. So we’re going to try a number of things to see if we can change this.

One approach is to broaden how we reach out and connect to the membership. Currently the main avenue is the web site and the mailing list. We’re going to try some of the social networking places like LinkedIn and Twitter to give potential interested developers more ways to find us and to communicate with us. The mailing list is mainly one directional, a LinkedIn group gives the possibility for a member to start discussions. And the web site could do with a refresh.

Getting good speakers is one thing, making sure speakers cover topics that match the local interest is at least as important. To that end we’re going to hook up with local companies doing Java development and talk to them about what value RJUG could provide to their developers. In this vein, we do get regular participation from RIT (one or two of the professors, a few students) but not much if any from UfoR (maybe because the meeting is at RIT?), and so an action item for me to go talk to the faculty there.

In addition to learning about new Java technologies the user group is seen as a place for networking. While our meetings aren’t specifically geared towards that, we do have a social aspect attached to each meeting: those interested go to McGregor’s (aka Conference Room M) afterwards just ti chat. Something we don’t really advertise in the meeting announcements (ie you have to have been to a meeting to know about it).

During the summer months it is always hard to get people into a conference room in the evening. Thus far this meant we don’t have meetings then because of the very low turn out. Perhaps during that time of year we solely focus on the networking aspect at a nice beet garden and forego the formal part.

In good silicon valley style we decided that we need a logo and a t-shirt. Now, Duke was open sourced under a BSD license, so no hurdles to our creative skills!

Cyclocross and Leaf Peeking

okt 12, 2008 in Cycling

cobbshill21.jpgToday Full Moon Vista organized the Cobbs Hill Cyclocross. While some months ago I had ideas of participating this time after taking photos last year, I did very little training these last months so that was not an option really. So spectating it was but I wanted to try other shots than just the typical cycling race photos that I took last year and during the Omnium in August. Whether I succeeded will be in the eye of the beholder. I did get some cool shots using my fisheye lens but there were also many shots that seemed like good ideas when shooting but turned out to be of the “what was I thinking?”-category when viewed afterwards on the computer.

I ran into Bruce and I got to admire Yellow Bike. Paul participated in the masters category, finished 8 – very good, I say. He had transformed his old Bianchi into a cross bike and rode it instead of the mountain bike last year. He said he felt a lot faster. The weather certainly allowed for fast riding – dry, sunny, nicely warm. Michelle also rode. On her fixie no less. A cyclocross ride on a fixed gear bike… have you seen the climb up to the reservoir? Do that in fixed gear ohh six, seven times? Craziness, but she did it. Speaking of weather, it was an absolutely beautiful day with the autumn colors in full swing.

Anyways, in the gallery as usual.

The pleasure of getting muddy

sep 28, 2008 in Cycling

sept28ride-small.jpgToday was a darkish, rainy day. It reminded me of England. On such days I would take the mountain bike on to the trails and get wonderfully muddy. Before entering the house upon return, the bicycle and I would first go under the garden hose in the backyard. From my house in Hazlemere it was almost a case of just crossing the road and many trails lay before you.

Here in Rochester it is a little more work but not much to get to some areas with a high mud potential: right on Culver, over the 490 highway and there is Cobb’s Hill park – in a few weeks the scene of a cyclocross race. I traced parts of the race route. The climb up to the reservoir was easier than I thought but then the twists and turns through the woods were very tricky. In Hazlemere 12 years ago I was a lot handier, I am a bit rusty now. From Cobb’s Hill park I crossed over to Ellison Park. Here certainly was a plenty supply of mud, I splashed about very happily and yes the garden hose was applied upon return.

Somewhere during the ride the front suspension locked up (maybe a leak?) and the start./stop button on my Garmin Edge computer seemed stuck I noticed when getting back but it did correctly track the route.

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