Magpie Matchmaking

Friday, January 29th, 2010 @ %I:%M %p | Life

matchmaking1.jpgLast night I went to Magpie for Stephany’s fan club meeting (on Mondays we meet at Oxford’s). Sitting at the end of the bar overlooking proceedings. Two chaps walk in and set up shop near me. They were at Jines before to get a sandwich but there they just closed the kitchen, the waitress advising them to come here. The oldest of the two orders a turkey sandwich to go.

We start chatting. The younger of the two is an area native, the other from the Bronx and they learn that I am from Amsterdam. The guy from the Bronx asks how I ended up here in Rochester from such a happening place as that. “A woman,” I answer. I ask him about the Bronx and now being here? “A woman,” he answers. Then a girl comes past and he stops her. It is the waitress from Jines. He strikes up a conversation and starts to interview her.

> “How old are you?”
< “26”
> “Are you married? A boyfriend?”
< “No, no”
> “I have three sons,” he says and we start to relate their virtues: a good education (Alfred State), employed (the oldest is shoveling snow as we speak), from a good family (the Bronx, the Yankees!), lives in a safe neighborhood (the fine municipality of Penfield). Then he digs out his cell phone and calls his son Jason.

“Where are you?”

“We’re at the Magpie Pub. You need to come over.”

“You’re not busy, are you?”

“There’s this really nice girl, good looking, who wants to meet you.”

“Okay, well, maybe later then.”

We chat some more with the girl and then she wanders off to sit elsewhere at the bar. The three of us go back to talking about the Bronx, Penfield, Rochester and Amsterdam when some time later Jason indeed shows up. Dad’s friend looks around and says that the waitress is still here. I look up, see her sitting at the bar and walk over.

“Can I borrow you for a moment?”, I ask her. She gathers her drink, purse and coat and I walk her over to our little corner at the bar. There I put my hand on Jason’s shoulder and I say to her: “I’d like you to meet Jason. Jason, this is the girl we called you about.” They shake hands and take the table just behind us. They chat for quite a while, I believe phone numbers were exchanged. Romance blossoming.

Pleased with our result we turn our attention to Stephany to see if she could be matched with one of the remaining sons. “I have to get them out of the house,” the dad says.

I didn’t get such a phone call from my dad when I was 25. Okay, no cell phones but still. How different life could have turned out if I had!



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    One Response to “Magpie Matchmaking”

    1. Terrence Says:

      Amazing. You just have to have the guts to take a chance … Sometime it works. The other times you end up looking like a fool 😉

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